Astigmatism, near-, and farsightedness have all classically been alleviated with eyeglasses or contact lenses. During the past 20-some years, however, LASIK has represented a third option.

The Internet and some media outlets have promulgated the misinformation that LASIK is dangerous, etc. In actuality, it is one of the safest and most highly-regarded elective surgical procedures, recognized worldwide as a treatment option elevating quality of life for individuals seeking improvement to unaided vision.

I have often performed this surgery—on my sons and daughters, and on colleagues and friends. We must continue providing safe, high-standard treatment for the sake of individuals requiring LASIK, as well as for the future of refractive surgery in Japan.

Societies & Clinics

  • LASIK Safety Network
  • Minamiaoyama Eye Clinic
  • LASIK Surgery-Minatomirai Eye Clinic (Yokohama)
  • Japanese Society of
Cataract and
Refractive Surgery

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