Dry Eye

In 1985, while studying at Harvard, I discovered that I had dry eye syndrome (DES). I knew from my college days in Japan that my eyes soon tired and easily became bloodshot. However, even after becoming an ophthalmologist, I never noticed that I myself had DES. Since that discovery, I have involved myself in the clinical, research, and public awareness facets of this syndrome.

Then came the delightful news. An ophthalmological journal published its spring 2013 ranking of dry eye researchers worldwide and, to my surprise, I was at none other than first place! The evaluation referenced 190 publications I authored or co-authored in peer-reviewed journals over 27 years. With a recent finding that vision deteriorates as a result of DES, I will rededicate my efforts to clarifying the pathology of this disorder and developing remedies to relieve it.

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  • Department of Ophthalmology Keio University School of Medicine DRY EYE CLINIC

Selected Information

Selected Publications

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